Mobile Controller with UnReal World Guide & Easy Life With +1000 Years Old Tools

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The above video promotes the first product of Vaakalintu Ltd: UnReal World Mobile Controller! I would call UnReal World itself a survival simulator and a great cultural project reflecting the life of the ancient northern people. Somebody aptly called the game "Finnish starvation simulator". So, what the game can teach us about surviving, and which ancient tools are still useful. I invite you to test the controller and read my extensive blog post about manual cultivation and making firewood:


... UnReal World Mobile Controller provides an interesting way to test the survival-management skills on a broader scope. And as you can see, the real-life basic tools and survival principles haven't changed much during the thousands of years. Using the tools with proper technique makes heavy jobs fun, providing great and refreshing outdoor exercise!

Basic survival gear to grow food and stay warm.

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