Puzzle That Will Crack the Math in 3 Steps ⚙️🔥🗝️ From Slide Rule to Number Fidget!

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The Number Fidget crunches percentages and multiplications without batteries. Remember how the price of a -42% discounted product was calculated? Do the math in 3 steps with this keychain puzzle! Amaze how much information the tiny, entertainingly rotating number cylinders can pack into a small space. The whole number range, extending from 1.4 to 1400, can be carried as a mathematical pendant or put in your pocket with keychains! Each product is manufactured on demand in the West. No shipping from the other side of the planet is needed! 🌍🚢❌ Get your own Number Fidget in your favorite color here. Find the user manual 📖 and demonstrations below:


... As you might notice, the principle is similar to retro slide rules (eBay). The logarithmic number scales are slid and compared to solve math problems. The Number Fidget is the modern version of the slide rules and other cool vintage mechanical calculators (eBay). One thing is common to all these products. They are all independent of electricity and batteries, and they are fascinating mathematical devices! Pilot launch. A retailer in search for batch orders. Patent pending.

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